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Willow Rosenberg

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So where am I now! [Nov. 19th, 2003|11:16 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Whatever Kirsty is listening to.... like I have a choice!!]

so the Shop is almost ready!!... Lorne has been so great about everything and had helped me no end!. although he went to a friends wedding the other day and came back extremely happy.... not sure I want to know the full reason to why but a clue might be in here greenmachine313 anyway the opening will be on Friday so please everyone drop by!!...... Lorne has promised to host so it will be entertaining and the after party at his club will be to kill for (not that you need to kill anyone or anything!!....... forget I said it!!) So on Friday "The Dark Crystal" will be open for business!!!

I'm so excited!!!
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"The Dark Crystal" [Nov. 12th, 2003|11:15 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |none the CD stopped and i'm too lazy to look for the remote!]

New working name for the shop!!!! what do you think??.... .as long as Jim Henson doesn't sue!! I think it will be great!!!

ooooh and I have to mention my Icons are courtesy of reset313 (This should be one of those link tag things....... may not be.....cross your fingers!!)
she's the best and I.... well I just suck!!..... later!!!
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"The inner circle" [Nov. 12th, 2003|09:17 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |R.E.M's greates hits..... and it really is great!!!]

thats the new working name for the magic shop I'm setting up above Lorne!.... I'm not sure it's the right name!!....... but if anyone can think of anything better!!..... anyway the actual setting up of a magic shop is really easy in LA.. a few Phone calls to some old "friends" and the decorating was done in the first few days. it's all burgunday and dark wood.... now all I have to do it unpack everything... I would ask help from the Green guy who got me into this mess but he's not feeling himself.. so if your free pick up a box and start unpacking...... everything goes in it's obvious place and the really dangerous stuff goes in the back............ I'm going to nurse Lorne back to health. he still needs to host my grand opening!!.......
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he makes it sound so easy! [Nov. 7th, 2003|09:17 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |R.E.M's greates hits]

The Idea was simple, move to LA.... open up a magic shop above his amazing night club... well the e-mail made is sound real simple, and Lorne's only thought was that it would make me happy, and do you know what?... I think the green guy might be right, the roaming thing just wasn't for me, so I've left the gang with strict instructions to contact me if they need anything in the way of witchy stuff, and now I'm going into the dangerous world of retail, it's a new adventure, I'll arrive in LA tomorrow and start setting up shop literally as soon as........ wonder if Lorne would help host my Grand opening!.... I'll need to remember to ask him!!

Wish me luck!!
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In the begining [Nov. 7th, 2003|12:48 am]
Willow Rosenberg
[mood |geeky]

Wow so I'm Finally here!, one or two people have been nagging me to come for a while now, but there's not a lot of time in the big world of Evil vs. Good, and recently We've been you know ...moving around a lot, I used to think home was where the phone line for my modem is, but recently I found out that's not so true ..anyway I'm currently tapped into one of our less friendly neighbours line, and I'm sure if he finds out he'll come after me ... And he's a 6 foot Cangrath Demon. Lets just say a man hasn't made me horny for a while, but with the one's on this guys head, I may have another change of lifestyle

I hear him stirring .... Talk to you guys later
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